Share your views and help support our clinical research!

Have you received hospital care since you turned 45? If so, we invite you to complete our survey.



Research would not be able to happen without participants. As a team we want our participants to feel valued and to get as much out of being involved in our study as they want to.

We want to explore accessibility, communication and what makes people feel engaged and proud to be involved in research.

We have produced an anonymous survey to ask people about their communication preferences, the sort of information they would like to hear from our research team and how they would like to access this information.

The information will be used to help improve how we engage with patients and participants.


Who can participate?

Anyone who has received hospital care since they turned 45. This can be any form of care, anywhere in the world, as long as you attended a hospital to receive it.

For more information, read our information sheet: Recruitment Retention and Engagement PIS public

How can I participate?

Complete our survey:

How long will this take?

Approximately 15 minutes


Will I be paid to take part?

No, you will not receive a financial incentive to take part.


What information about me will be collected?

We are just asking for your opinion. No person identifiable data such as your age, gender or ethnicity will be collected. We will also not collect any contact details. We ask that in the comments section you do not submit any answers that could allow you or someone else to be identified.



What to do if I have a complaint?

Email:  Telephone: 07342 715289